Best Trampolines 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best-trampolineJumping on the trampoline is a safe and healthy activity for kids. You can use it for the most efficient and effective form of exercise.

With the help of one of the best trampolines, You’ll be able to strengthen your body, from bones to muscle development, to the cardiovascular system as well as your immune system.

From bouncing to playing games children and adults can get a great workout at home.

…or your whole family can enjoy hours of fun in the backyard together.

Here’s why:

I tailored this article about how to choose the right trampoline with complete information of space, size, shapes, etc.

Then you’ll see some of the most optimistic picks that we’ve covered with the proper research.

Our Top Picks

Best for Outdoor



Zupapa Outdoor Trampoline

Best for Indoor



FIT Bounce Pro Trampoline

What to Look for When Buying a Trampoline?

Below are important points that you need to consider when looking for a right trampoline.

1. Available Space

Outdoor trampolines are bigger than an individual or indoor trampolines. The larger sizes usually come in (10 to 17 feet). They feature a big size and wider jumping area, they do not fit in your living room.

The larger trampolines have a higher weight capacity which allows multiple children to jump at a time. They also help to play tons of games – like adding basketball hoops. So, You’ll need to have an open backyard area where at least 5-10 feet more clearance is needed on the sides for safety purposes.

Indoor trampolines comparatively take shorter space, usually about 3 to 7 feet. They are available in different styles, some with a stability bar, some with a netting enclosure, and others without a bar.

All those have their own benefits to building balance, exercises, and fun for both children and adults. They can easily move anywhere you want – due to their lightweight design.

2. Shape

The trampoline frame has four different shapes (round, rectangular, square, oval). The shapes have a direct impact on jumping, yard space, and bounce surface.


A trampoline with a round shape provides high bouncing in the center. In this design, all springs are equally placed around the frame and work at the same time. So, the jumpers get a great safety level when they go away from the middle surface.

The Bouncing level becomes slower and they pull back in the center. The round trampoline is more affordable than rectangular.


It provides equal bounce power on all sides of the frame. The springs work according to the jumper positions. No matter where they jump in the middle or on the side of the frame.

Rectangular Trampolines are available with high weight capacity because of the powerful features and their cost is twice as compared to the round trampoline. These are best for gymnastics.


Square trampoline is a space saver and easily fits into the place. In this type, they offer 20% more jumping area on the side of the corners compared to a round trampoline.

You can also bounce the same anywhere on this trampoline. But the bouncing quality is a little bit less to other trampolines.


The extended, long oval shape provides two surface bouncing areas on each side, without having the restriction of the middle surface. This allows the two persons to jump opposite at a time so they cannot bump each other.

3. Frame Size

Now the third point is very important. How can we measure the space where our trampoline will place? So, don’t worry, I’ve listed all trampoline size comparisons which help you to make the right decision.

Small 5 – 7ft (approx)

Normally considered as small trampolines. It is usually the best one to buy if you have a kid between 3-5 years old. The size is just right for indoor use but you can also place it outside the home.

Medium size 8 – 10ft (approx)

This size best for beginners, Mostly people don’t have enough space in their backyard and ask for the medium size trampolines. The kids between 5 to 10 years old can easily jump in this size range, They also simultaneously support two kids for the jump.

Large 12 – 14ft (approx)

If you have a big backyard, then this option will be ideal for you. In these sizes, they provide enough room for 3 or 4 kids (between 8 – 13 years old) to bounce at a time. They are big enough for a family, Mum and Dad can also jump with their kids.

Extra Large 15 – 16 ft (approx)

These are the safest trampolines for really large gardens or backyard. They provide extreme fun for big families, If there are lots of children and families who want to play together these sizes are perfect to buy.

4. Safety Features


There are many different styles of a trampoline and each design has its own padding feature around the frame. The padding should be completely covered on the springs and regularly check for holes or if there are any wear and tear on the mat. Otherwise, It will be very dangerous for your kids when they’re continuously jumping on the mat.


Frame quality makes a bigger difference in the stability and durability of a trampoline. They used the galvanized and heat-treated frame which helps to maintain the strength for years.

Some structures use t-sockets which gives a strong grip for Leg/Main Frame/Enclosure Pole connection. Some have long poles to the ground to support the legs in high stability.

I would just say, Be careful with the frame, If there is any bent. instantly change them before your kids fall over the ground.


On big trampolines, the jumping mat is away from the ground which makes it difficult to get on or off for smaller kids. If you want to get complete safety for your children’s try to attach a ladder.

Handle Bar for Stability

Another cause of injury is the handlebar on the rebounder or mini-trampoline. The safety bar is very important for seniors who feel unstable when they are bouncing. A support bar helps them to get extra stability when they are jumping. I recommend this to anyone who feels unstable.


Lastly, keep in mind the big trampoline requires a lot of time to put it all up together. Always make sure your final safest possible place before assembly. Otherwise, it could be hard to reassemble and move to another place.

5. Weight Limit

Weight is a crucial factor in the safety of your kids. No matter which trampoline you’re going to choose you must check its weight limit. The big trampolines offer high weight limits. If your whole family wants to enjoy a trampoline then purchase a large-size trampoline.

If you are looking for smaller kids with lower weight limits, then the mini trampolines are the best choice. But keep in mind if your child gets bigger you’ll need to upgrade it.

6. Price

From the $400 to $900 price tag, you’ll see more large-size trampolines, with wide bouncing mat, high weight limit, enclosure netting, and more accessories. These are called the family-size trampoline.

Below $300. You’ll mostly get low-weight indoor trampolines for toddlers. they will only allow under 10 age kids to jump. Of course with netting, poles, and complete safety features.

At under $100, you’ll find mini rebounders for kids with a stability bar. But the fitness rebounders for the young will be available with a high-end price range.

Now, these 6 important safety factors help you to understand, what is the best trampoline to buy?

10 Best Trampoline Reviews in 2023

  1. Best Safe Backyard Trampoline – ORCC 15 feet
  2. Best Highest Rated Trampoline – Zupapa Kids
  3. Best Playing Trampoline – Skywalker 15 feet
  4. Best Family Trampoline – Merax 15 FT
  5. Best Indoor Trampoline for Kids – ATIVA FIT Mini Rebounder
  6. Best Fitness Trampoline – FIT Bounce PRO
  7. Best Fitness Toy for Toddlers – Little Tikes 3′
  8. Best Trampoline For Young Kids – Skywalker Mini
  9. Best Lightweight Trampoline for Small Yard – Clevr 7ft
  10. Best Swing Indoor Trampoline – JUMP POWER

Top Rated Trampolines


ORCC Outdoor Trampoline
  • Weight: 400LBS
  • Springs: 108
  • Ladder: Yes
  • Size: 15ft
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best trampolines

Zupapa Kids
  • Weight: 425LBS
  • Springs: 108
  • Ladder: Yes
  • Size:15ft
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best trampolines

Skywalker 15 feet
  • Weight: 200LBS
  • Springs: 96
  • Ladder: No
  • Size: 15ft
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Merax 15 FT
  • Weight: 375LBS
  • Springs: 108
  • Ladder: Yes
  • Size: 15ft
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best indoor trampolines

ATIVA FIT Mini Rebounder
  • Weight: 180LBS
  • Springs: 32
  • HandleBar: Yes
  • Size: 3ft
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FIT Bounce PRO
  • Weight: 330LBS
  • Bungee: 60
  • HandleBar: No
  • Size: 40″
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Best toddler trampoline

Little Tikes 3′
  • Weight: 55LBS
  • Elastic: 20
  • HandleBar: Yes
  • Size: 3ft
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Skywalker Mini
  • Weight: 100LBS
  • Stretch Bands: 36
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 40″
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Clevr 7ft
  • Weight: 150LBS
  • Springs: 36
  • Color: Blue/Green
  • Size: 7ft
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  • Weight: 100LBS
  • Springs: 42
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: 72 X 50
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1. ORCC 15ft – Safe Backyard Trampoline

Weight Capacity: 400LBS | Basketball Hoop: No | Size: 15ft | Color: Blue | Shape: Round | Springs: 108 | Legs: W-shaped | Wind Stakes: 6pcs | Ladder: Yes

ORCC-Trampolinea-15ftIf you’re a fan of big trampoline then ORCC might be perfect for your backyard. It offers sturdy superior weight, more bounce, and stability.

It provides 4 different sizes (10, 12, 14, 15), You can choose the size which is perfect for your yard.

The ORCC 15’ trampoline springs around 108 (Heavy-duty). It added more bounce and stability to safely entertain up to three people at a time (maximum weight of 400 pounds)

The jumping area provides another overload safety function. The polypropylene mat is waterproof, UV-resistance, and fade-resistance that enhances its longevity and durability.

Next to the mat is a blue 0.8-inch thick PVC foam pad that is a shield for your kids to protect them when they fall on the springs.

I’m impressed by its 6FT high enclosure netting that is too long. Both kids and adults can safely jump on this trampoline.

The netting is outside the pad frame, which provides wider space inside. It’s extremely good for those children who like to sit and watch other kids while playing. They can easily play and enjoy without entering or going outside.

If you live in an area where the weather condition is so bad and you’re worried about a lot of rain,

So good news is!

It has a rain cover that keeps it safe and dry. Their W-shaped legs secure the trampoline to the ground. In the middle of the legs, the U-shaped wind stakes make it more strong and prevent it from blowing away.

The ORCC trampoline is one of the biggest trampolines that covers 15 feet wide, 8.9 feet long from the ground.

Safety Note: The size of this trampoline is huge so you will need to keep far away from trees in bad weather conditions.

There is a rust-resistant galvanized steel ladder and poles, The ladder helps the children to climb up safely.

When multiple kids are jumping all over the mat, there’s a chance they can come over to the steel frame, so they offer to protect your kids to cover its poles with a thick 10 mm foam absolutely safe and reliable for children.

Another great feature that makes it rise in the ranks of other trampolines is “TUV certification”, which means this product meets defined criteria of safety about the fabric and quality of the design.

Assembly is not difficult, 2 people can easily set up all pieces together. You’ll also get the gloves and the tools needed at the time of assembly. This shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to fit them perfectly. That’s the case if assembly becomes hard and takes more time. I recommend using lithium grease on all the pole connections.


Overall, This trampoline has zero issues. It’s the top best rated trampoline with enclosure and provides many stunning features at a reasonable price that won’t hurt your bank. It is the best trampoline backyard.

2. Zupapa Kids (Highest rated Trampoline)

Weight Capacity: 425LBS | Basketball Hoop: No | Size: 15ft | Color: Blue | Shape: Round | Springs: 108 | Legs: W-shaped | Wind Stakes: 6pcs | Ladder: Yes


Zupapa trampoline is where jumpers aim to get a more convenient, safer, and larger space. It’s sturdy built, has great galvanization steel, gap-free mat, and exceptionally responsive helpful customer service, and the most expensive trampoline in the world.

Zupapa is also certified ASTM and TUV standards for safety and durability, They make it the best healthier, and happier outdoor trampoline in the market.

This one usually has a round shape and provides four different size options: 10, 12, 14, or 15 feet.

For a better jumping experience, It includes 108 galvanized 7-inch springs that are more strong rather than a 96 standard trampoline. With the 12 additional springs, the kids can jump higher with less effort. Moreover, to hook up all the springs to the mat you’ll get a supplied loading tool. All you’ve to do is just stretch and attach to the frame. It prevents the hand from getting pinched.

The mat is tightly sewn with the pad cover. This no-gap design eliminates the fear of slipping in space. You can jump or stand without fear of getting caught in the springs because they are fully covered with a thick and durable pad.

Once the mat is installed, now attach a safety net that is 6ft and big enough for the family to safely jump higher (no matter how high they jump). It’s attached outside to the frame and provides a more roomy area (15-foot diameter) on the mat, You can easily leap or flip without touching your friends and having great fun off-screen.

Another thing that makes it more superior to others is its 425LBS (190 kg) weight capacity. This means the trampoline is best for kids, teenagers, and adults. 5 to 6 kids under the age of 10 can easily jump at the same time. This way you can also jump with your kids as the total weight is under the 425lbs limit.

The Zupapa 15FT is one of the best trampolines for safety, It’s built with hot-dip galvanization technology which is the latest galvanization process makes it 5 times more rust resistant for long-lasting stability.

The net poles are much longer and they reach to the ground to make it more strong and stable. Each pole and leg are securely attached with two steel clamps and they prevent the frame from twisting. Moreover, poles are also covered with 10mm foam, Which provides extra safety for kids and they can safely jump around the steel poles.

It provides a 3 step ladder for climbing the kids in and out of the trampoline. There is also a small outdoor mat under the ladder, before entering the trampoline it helps you to clean up your feet from dirt.

Even with these extras, If you want to protect your trampoline from rain or sun. Make sure to use the cover that comes with it. 6ps wind stakes hold the legs to the ground that prevent flipping in a severe wind storm.

Lastly, The trampoline required a full assembly, Two people can easily assemble within 2 hours. It is an easy step-by-step process with proper instructions.


Zupapa is a great choice for those people who want great quality. Zupapa is the best safest trampoline which costs a little bit high as compared to ORCC, It provides outstanding safety features that help in low risk of injuries. Their customer service is awesome, if you see any issues they are very quick to respond. Overall it’s worth paying for the money.

3. Skywalker 15ft – Best Playing Trampoline

Weight Capacity: 200LBS | Basketball Hoop: Yes | Size: 15ft | Color: Blue | Shape: Round | Springs: 96 | Legs: W-shaped | Wind Stakes: No | Ladder: No

Skywalker-15ft-best-trampolineWith a safety enclosure and basketball hoop, the Skywalker 15 Foot Jump N Dunk is the best option for your kids to play outside every day.

It gives a more unique no-gap enclosure system that means the net is completely attached with each and every spring, even the jumping pad is sewn with it. It will keep your kids safe from pinch points and openings.

The net also provides a dual zipper and latch clips. These two options provide more security for your kids while jumping inside.

If we talked about the bouncing, It might not be super bouncy due to less (96 6.5″) count of springs as compared to ORCC. but they are on the outside of the jumping area that increases its durability.

For the purpose of safety, the springs are covered with a thick UV-resistant vinyl-coated pad which is fade resistant and provides extra strength.

This is an ideal option for kids with a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

However just like the other big trampolines, it will also cover the large space in your backyard but provides different color options blue, pink, green, and camouflage, so you can choose the color which makes your backyard more cool.

You might be thinking that it also possesses six W-shaped legs and they are the same as the ORCC, Yes, You’re right!

But the best thing is!

It comes with the reinforced T-sockets that hold the overall frame to prevent any sort of twisting or leg break.

This trampoline is a little bit tricky to set up and can take up to 4hours. It’s not hard but time-consuming when you connect the enclosure to the bounce surface.

Safety Note: Start to connect with every spring in that 8 position that is near to the t-sockets. once it’s completed then every 4, then 2. It would be more fun and enjoyable process to assemble all the springs in just a few moments. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated to count each one.

Some users say that they’re pleased with the safety of this trampoline but It does not come with a ladder and stakes. I would suggest ordering separately because the ladder helps the kids to get on and off easily and wind stakes prevent the trampoline from blowing away in wind storms.


It has the best rating in good quality trampolines, a great investment for little ones. Kids can play much safer with larger space. There are many features that can incorporate while having tons of fun— and at an affordable price, too.

  • High end Trampoline
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Well-built
  • T-sockets
  • Might be not super Bouncy.
  • No Ladder
  • No Stakes

4. Merax 15 FT – Best Family Trampoline

Weight Capacity: 375LBS | Basketball Hoop: Yes | Size: 15ft | Color: Blue | Shape: Round | Springs: 108 | Legs: W-shaped | Wind Stakes: No | Ladder: Yes

Merax-15ftThis best large trampoline is ideal for toddlers to adults. The Merax is the less expensive version of the ORCC. It comes with the basketball hoop, ladder, and great space while maintaining a low price tag.

6FT super tight netting of this trampoline allows you to freely jump around on your own, with the kids. It protects your hands and feet from pinch points and gaps.

The jumping mat is tightly woven with high-quality material that is UV and fade-resistant, which saves you having to spend extra for replacing them for years.

Its 108 large springs burn out your energy with extra bounce. The springs are coated with galvanized rust-resistant steel for increased longevity and strength. There is also a blue pad that prevents your hands and feet from injuries caught by the springs.

As you know the kids love to play on a trampoline, they also want to celebrate their parties with their friends over. So this trampoline space is comparatively wider than the skywalker trampoline. The reason there is a lot of space due to the net on the outside of the springs.

From 5yr to 15yr kids can easily jump and play without bumping each other. You can also enjoy hours of fun or can try some flipping skills without hitting your kids. It supports higher weight (up to 375 pounds).

There are a total of 5 poles covered with foam padding the one is thicker that is attached to the basketball hoop.

This trampoline has a basketball backboard hoop. Your ball will return fast while touching the backboard which is made of heavy-duty plastic. It also provides an additional safety net behind the basketball hoop that stops the ball to go outside the frame during playtime.

The Ladder is designed with four steps of galvanized steel. This is helpful for small kids to jump on the mat. There is a safety net with open and close zip on the top of the ladder that allows you to go inside and close the zip for more safety.

Safety Note: When you connect the ladder to the frame, Just check the zip overlaps it, otherwise the zip will remain open and your kids will be unsafe.

The 6 W-shaped legs are the same as the ORCC model, They added extra stability to the overall frame.

The wind stakes are not included with this model. if your area is safe from wind blows then this is not a big issue, otherwise, you can buy separately.

Assembly setup is easy. If you want to get faster, be sure to have more than 2 people. otherwise, it could be difficult and take 3-4 hours to complete everything.


This Merax 15 is the best home trampoline option with a high weight limit, great bounce. Although its cost is affordable, If you’re looking for a big trampoline where parents can enjoy and play basketball with their kids. This is the one best quality trampoline for the money.

  • Basketball hoop with additional net
  • 4 steps ladder
  • Budget Friendly
  • High weight Limit
  • No Rain Cover
  • No Wind Stakes

5. ATIVA FIT Mini Rebounder - Best Indoor Trampoline for Kids

Weight Capacity: 180LBS | Size: 3ft | Color: Different | Shape: Round | Springs: 32 | Legs: Straight | HandleBar: Yes


The Ativa Fit is a little trampoline. People live in an apartment and want to provide an active lifestyle to their kids. It’s really sturdy, has a better bounce mat, and most importantly not too big or too small, Fits well indoors and outdoors.

It measures 3 feet tall, 24 inches top bar, and 8.5 inches legs, so it fits great in small spaces at home than larger ones. The total weight limit is around 180lbs— The older kids can also jump on it but it’s best for 1yr to 10yr old kids.

The 32 springs are what make this trampoline strong. These springs can hold an adult weight with ease, and It is extremely safe and low enough to the ground. If somehow, the kids slip over to the mat there is no chance of a big accident.

Their jumping area allows one kid to jump at a time, as the frame measures 36 inches smaller space— with an added padding cover on the springs to protect your kids from pinching.

Numerous parents love this trampoline because it fits into a kid's playroom without taking up too much space. It helps the kids to get tons of energy in a fun way to get exercise.

The Ativa is also providing a multi-purpose handlebar on the side for safety purposes, The youngsters can enjoy it without holding it but the kids can hold the bar from falling off to the mat while jumping. The handle is covered with foam that protects the hands from sweat and enhances its durability.

Safety Note: Some kids can grind their teeth on the foam cover, put tape over the bars to protect for longer safety reasons.

There is an option of 5 different colors (Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Black) that is a plus point to matching the color with your room.

It comes with 4 legs and each leg has a rubber holder that makes its grip strong on the ground, so you don't have to worry about slipping.

As compared to big trampolines it is easy to assemble, It takes up to 20 minutes to put together and can be folded when not in use.


Active Fit is the best budget trampoline for a small size apartment. It is great sports equipment for your little kid and easy to move, foldable and in small size, It allows you to carry from one place to another without any hassle and the best cheap trampoline.

  • Smaller Space
  • Foldable
  • Few minutes to assemble
  • Cheap
  • Cover too tight

6. FIT BOUNCE PRO - (Best Fitness Trampoline)

Weight Capacity: 330LBS | Size: 40″ | Color: Black | Shape: Round | Bungee: 60 | Legs: 6pcs | Warranty: Lifetime on frame | HandleBar: No 

best trampolines

The FIT Bounce Pro can be considered a special and strong trampoline, Originally released in 2017 a part of MaXimus Life fitness company. The name itself says it's the world's smartest FIT trampoline. A lot of people are looking for fun ways to improve their well-being, so the reason behind adding this trampoline is every age people who really want to change their health and fitness at home.

In the box, you’ll find four items: one DVD workout, one storage bag, one bounce counter, and one already setup trampoline.

This trampoline design looks sleek and smooth with twice bungee style, which is considerably powerful. I asked myself, “Why the other trampolines aren't offering this feature? Then I realized this trampoline is made by James Winfield, A sports scientist & health practitioner with technology design expertise.

Other than that, the mat is completely attached with 50+ twice bungees around the frame, Relatively well balanced, and provides a strong grip to the frame.

The 6 folded legs are completely attached inside the frame and these are very strong and spring-loaded which allows them to just pop up or down within seconds rather than opening the screws of the legs like other bulky trampolines.

As for some travelers, It is very easy to move wherever they want to use it because The trampoline can be folded in half and comes with a carry bag for easy transport.

This FIT Bounce Pro trampoline is capable of supporting a maximum 140kgs weight limit capacity, It's a great thing for young to old in any age under the weight capacity who don't have much time for running or jogging and they want to get an amazing workout at home. As NASA defines, If you bounce just 20-minutes on a trampoline it will equal to 1 hour of running.

One drawback we noticed, this trampoline has no stability bar, so you will have to buy it separately. This is not a problem if you are young and can jump easily, but being a senior it is really important to add a stability bar to build up a balance.


This trampoline is one of the most well-designed and super sturdy. It is recommended for fitness professionals, sportsmen, women, and home fitness enthusiasts around the world. It’s the best exercise equipment that helps to relieve stress in this COVID pandemic. If you really want to care about your health and want to get the benefits of trampoline exercise. Get this one best value trampoline.

7. Little Tikes 3' Trampoline – (Best Fitness Toy for Toddlers)

Weight Capacity: 55LBS | Size: 3ft | Color: Blue | Shape: Round | Elastic: 20  | Legs: Straight | Warranty: 1 Year | HandleBar: Yes


The Little Tikes 3’ is, personally, A very safe trampoline for active toddlers – and the best toy for children. If the Ativa Fit is hard for the child to hold from the sidebar, then the Little Tikes 3’ would be a good choice. This trampoline was designed especially for preschoolers and early-age children.

Its handlebar is placed in the center of the trampoline to support your child while they are jumping. So it’s easy to assume the children can make their balance to achieve a bouncing skill at a very early age. The better balance increases the confidence level of your child with the happy feeling of playing on a trampoline.

The total height of the holding bar is 26 inches from the bouncing mat which is good for a child to hold between the age of 1 to 6 years old. If you feel your child is tall enough the Little Tikes provides a foldable handle option you can fold it on the side of the frame, so your child feels comfortable moving around the trampoline.

The best way I can describe this trampoline is that it's a lightweight and fully customizable design. You can also fold its frame in half – to go or move anywhere in the house (without disassembling its parts) your child can spend all time with you in one place while watching television or family time.

All in all, This trampoline was built to withstand hours and hours of a fun exercise, It has 20 elastic bands around the mat which reduces the risk of pinching skin, That is because of what Little Tikes 3’ is calling the safest model.

The design is created with 3 feet diameters, which is perfectly fine for 1-2 children to easily jump straight up and down. The entire trampoline is covered with a thick pad cover on sides to protect their feet from being trapped on sides and the child can safely jump without any fear of falling.

Many parents ask about the weight capacity of this trampoline, Well I gotta say 55lbs is the weight limit – 3 to 6 years of age children will fit in the height requirements. In fact, when you look at the Ativa Fit and Little Tikes 3’ the two have a huge difference in their weight capacity. which is not a bad thing. After all, It helps the starters to learn body exercises to become fit and energetic.

Safety Note: This trampoline is great for what it is, but I must say always keep your children in front of you when they are jumping on Little Tikes. It can be unsafe when they’re excited and bouncing on extreme emotions to slip their hands on the bar and bounce off onto the ground. Also, make sure there is some kind of cushioning around the trampoline.


Would I recommend this trampoline for you? Yes, yes. I can tell you this trampoline is the top one in the best kids trampolines list and has everything that you need for your children, safety, entertainment, exercise. Even its price is worth the consideration for all the parents.

  • Spring Free Trampoline
  • Folded Handle
  • Minutes to put together
  • Easily Moveable
  • Not for outdoors

8. Skywalker Mini Trampoline - (Small Springfree With Enclosure Net)

Weight Capacity: 100LBS | Size: 40″ | Color: Multi | Shape: Round | Stretch Bands: 36 | Legs: Curved | Warranty: 3 Year on frame


If you want to get a more safe toy for your little kids, who love to climb, crawl and jump? This is the best indoor skywalker trampoline. It comes with an enclosure net and springs-free design.

The patented enclosure is a cool safety feature in this trampoline because the mat is tightly sewn with netting and eliminates the gaps to protect the children from pinch points and openings, They can enjoy it for hours. In addition to the twenty stretch bands, the skywalker mini has 16 more, Total of 36 stretch bands are used in place of springs to add an extra level of protection, These are made of an elastic rope material with a plastic ball at the end.

This trampoline holds up to 100 pounds of weight. That's good for two or three kids (1yr to 6yr old) to bounce at a time. We really like the design of the mat, It gives a seaside ocean theme that encourages animal recognition. The diameter is 60 inches (equivalent to 5 feet), which is enough space for two kids to jump safely without hurting each other.

It's fully covered with netting and prevents the other kids from going underneath when siblings are jumping inside. It has red, blue, yellow colors that can play a role in your playroom decoration.

Safety Note: Finalize your area before assembling it, it won’t go inside or outside to the room if doorways are short.

It has a total of six legs. They have rubbers at the bottom of each leg which don't create any noise. If you put the carpet under the legs then It would be a good thing.

Let’s break down the assembly process, The instruction is pretty easy to understand you start off by putting the frame together with the provided tools (screwdriver used to attach the legs and poles), it’s a little bit difficult to make grip on the handle. So, we suggest using your own small drill when you assemble the frame then it took a maximum of 1 hour to install everything.

The steel frame has a three-year limited warranty and one year on all other materials protection.


My overall thoughts on the skywalker mini trampoline are that it’s an incredible value for less than $100. It is a best price trampoline to buy on your children's birthday. If you like to see your toddlers experiencing a safe childhood while playing. Then go for this one.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Extremely safe
  • Best for indoor
  • Cheap Pole Padding

9. Clevr 7ft - (Best Lightweight for Small Yard)

Weight Capacity: 150LBS | Size: 7ft | Color: Blue/Green | Shape: Round | Springs: 36 | Legs: W-shaped 


We picked a lightweight design that is best for a small yard. The Clevr trampoline is sturdy, safe, stable. This small trampoline is built low to the ground which prevents your kids from accidents. Especially for those parents whose children are 1 to 10 years old.

The design features a roomy area with a net on the outside to the frame, which encourages multiple kids to comfortably jump inside even if they aren’t jumping and like to lie down to see the trees.

A durable frame is attached to the 36 heavy-duty galvanized springs. Do you want to know the best part? These springs are nicely covered with a blue cushioned liner; which is filled with thick foam for more safety purposes when the kids are jumping on it.

But there is more to this specific trampoline than just a wide area and light feel; I have to mention the zipper. Yes, I’m not kidding, the zipper. Most children who played on trampolines or maybe even thought too into this specific topic would know how annoying it is when the traditional zip gets hard to close when getting inside and outside to the trampoline. That’s why, this trampoline includes arched zip, giving the feel of a door and rips easily, providing maximum security to your kids.

The Clevr kids model can get in different colors (Blue/Green, Blue/Orange, Blue) which makes bouncing more fun at the same time looks artistic in your yard. Let me tell you right here – the incredible legs and frame also painted with a color that will enhance the appeal and enjoyment of your home.

If you’re curious about what's more? Let’s discuss further technical specifications. The height is 7 feet that help in the highest bouncing to make them secure around with the same height of enclosure, so you don’t have to worry about either of them falling off.

Much more than that, It has a 150lbs weight capacity, which is the best for 3-4 kids to jump comfortably. You’ll notice they give the poles rounded and nicely molded into a single frame for strong balance and coordination so there is no chance of twisting or leg break

Here is now if you're thinking; “Dre, you’re just admiring this trampoline, we get it, now what is the down part?” And that’s a good question, If you would expect to move this trampoline inside the room, it might not be fit unless the ceiling's height is 10 ft or above or you can check the trampoline size recommendations. But it will easily adjust in your porch or basement for an indoor activity or when the weather is not good, be a lifesaver.


Personally, This best trampoline for toddlers gives a safe place to sit, play or bounce all time to your kids. I’d definitely say worth the buy!

  • Easy to Move
  • Lower to the Ground
  • Good Size
  • Not for large adults

10. JUMP POWER - (Best Swing Cool Trampoline) 

Weight Capacity: 100LBS | Size: 72 X 50 Inches | Color: Multi | Shape: Rectangular | Springs: 42 | Legs: U-shaped 


If the Clevr 7ft model is the best little trampoline with impressive quality, then the Jump Power is another really cool trampoline that provides an extreme level of comfort to your children.

In this trampoline the design style is based on a rectangular shape that can easily fit in the corner side of a room, So basically if you are living in an apartment or even master bedroom your children will be safe to do the fun activities inside the home. Maybe It’s a little better in the case of your standard round trampoline, just a little bit.

This best rectangle trampoline is most durable and comes with 42 springs, relatively creating a good difference with 6 additional springs; seems slightly better bounce and strength in the overall size.

However,  – the Jump Power is quite comfortable to bounce (72-inch by 50-inch mat), especially when your kids have enough space for jumping with the netting enclosure around the outside of the trampoline – they’ll make you satisfied the same as the Clevr model. You don't even have to worry about getting the kids injured with the springs. The cover is tightly sewn with a mat to make kids more secure from gaps.

Do you want to know the best part? What makes this trampoline truly surprising, however, is not just the fact that there is an enclosure net on the sides of the frame which makes it disparate from the clevr model, which claims to be competitive and has the netting on 6 poles around, the Jump Power has strong wide netting on both sides with only two high-quality steel poles supporting the trampoline, so no matter the kids are unsafe while falling on the sides.

You see, The Skywalker mini trampoline is beautifully designed with a seaside ocean graphics mat, this model provides a fully decorated design with dinosaur icons printed around the skirt surrounding the pad to add a fun touch.

There’s an L-shaped zipper door at the front of the net which makes them safe and easy to play with all the time. Having said that all, The Jump Power is designed especially for fun and exercise for small kids, but that does not mean it’s not for other younger kids, it can accommodate a weight up to 100 pounds per kid. So 2-3 kids can easily jump between the age of 3 to 6 yrs old.

Now I know what you may be thinking: “is it available with a swing option? so yes! This one is the best trampoline you can get with a swing, and provides extreme happiness of practicing the tumbles or hop off the swing. It can also remove or hang on the sides when kids are not playing on it at the time of bouncing.

What’s more than that, however, It also gives a strong frame structure with a unique blow-molded plastic cover at the bottom of the legs which allows the kids to jump with extra stability and support. Let me tell you, These legs stand out more without just having simple steel tube legs. 16 gauge galvanized steel tubes are completely covered with foam padding

As I discussed in the Clevr trampoline, It is also low to the ground and the height is just 1ft to easily climb up for your kids, but the total size of this trampoline is 6 feet rather than 7, that doesn’t feel larger in the room and can easily adjust in the 8ft or 10ft ceiling.

Safety Note: If you’re thinking of keeping it outside, I do recommend covering its top with a canopy. In hot weather, its color can fade and eventually will be weaker and will need to be replaced with a new one.

What’s not to like? The price is comparatively a little bit high to the clevr 7ft model but it doesn’t matter with the qualities you’re getting it is still the best affordable trampoline. which is great for what it is, and I would definitely recommend it for those parents who love to see their kids playing and having fun exercise ALL DAY, every day.
The Jump Power is one of the best trampoline for kids, so it's a great choice as a mom or dad to keep their kids being active and energetic also being safe while playing a complete day.

Why Trampolines are Good?

best trampolines


Why should every kid have a trampoline?

The trampoline, because of its safety, is effective in keeping kids active and healthy. You can safely use the trampoline at home instead of going outside in any park or paid center. Moreover, if you wish your kid to stay away from television or phone, then the trampoline will be a wonderful choice to enjoy.

What age is appropriate for a trampoline?

The American College of Orthopedic Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, Your children should not jump on trampolines until they are six years old.

Safety is more likely to be compromised under the age of six, because, It may be more difficult for them to protect their bodies, bones, and brains due to a lack of coordination, body awareness, and quick reaction time. Generally, A backyard trampoline is not appropriate for small children. So it's better to use a mini-trampoline if your kids are under three.

How to Entertain Kids to Stay on Trampoline?

Your kids can play a bunch of games by adding some balloons, sprinklers, and basketball hoops.

It is a lot of fun to throw the balls into the trampoline so that the kids can see how high they can jump to catch the ball. You might also consider adding a Bluetooth speaker when your kids like to listen to their favorite songs.

One more tip: Have you ever used sidewalk chalk on your trampoline? It's true! Try using it as a giant canvas.

How much is a small trampoline?

It depends on what safety features a mom or dad takes into consideration to purchase a mini toddler trampoline. A small trampoline can run you as much as $50 to $250. In case you’re looking for affordable models, the Little Tikes 3' and the Ativa Fit are the best low price trampolines on our list.

How much is a big trampoline?

The trampoline comes in two main designs – rectangle and circle. Rectangular trampolines will typically cost a bit more than circle trampolines of similar size.

It is important to know that trampoline prices depend greatly on size. The big size on our list is 15 ft, which is probably the most expensive trampoline, which may cost between $500 and $900.

What is the best brand of trampoline to buy?

There are many types of trampolines on the market today: the best trampoline brands are Skywalker, Zupapa, ORCC, Clevr, Jump Power, MaXimus, Little Tikes, ATIVAFIT, Merax. These are the best one that's suitable for both the indoors and outdoors.

How do I pick the Best Trampoline?

First and foremost, the purpose of purchasing should be considered. Is it only for kids or will the whole family use it? Secondly measure the proper size of the trampoline, that fits your yard or your room perfectly.

Are Springfree trampolines worth it?

The concept behind the spring-free trampoline is safety. When you land on the springs you will never have to worry about slipping or pinching your feet. This trampoline has flexible cords that are attached to the mat surface making it safe and much less noisy than a spring trampoline.


Lastly, In our best trampolines 2023 recommendations, each has its own unique features and high-quality bouncing materials. These best quality trampoline brands are providing various sizes that suit different age groups. You can choose the one which has a direct impact on your needs. If you are a new one and want to buy the best trampoline for your family, we recommend you choose the right size, easy to jump, and should work well with your weight limit. The shape and price will depend according to your preference.